It is no secret I am always on a hair journey - whether it be trying to tame my curls, or most recently, trying to grow my hair long. Clients ask me how I grew out my pixie to a full head of curls without hiding under a bag for 8 months.  And since my husband told me I am usually in a terrible mood when I'm growing it out, I'm doing it differently this time around.

My solution - bringing in some of my favorite hair products to Beauty Mark. As with changes in our skin, few of us really take in the fact that hair can change as well. There’s a glossy, supple quality to our hair when we’re young, and over the years (and, more importantly, over the many color and texture treatments we subject it to), it generally gets coarser and duller.

But whether it’s age or repeated heat, color, or chemical treatments that have leached away the shine and the bounce, restoring those luscious locks, in most cases, is not just possible but relatively easy. Here, I am listing our newest hair care brands to help you do just that:

Agent Nateur

They believe that our beauty regimens should be a luxurious experience with a focus on quality + efficacy. All of their products are made with youth-illuminating European active ingredients that have been clinically tested, ensuring their safety and potency. Agent Nateur products are organic or wild-crafted, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and Ecocert certified, guaranteeing their dedication to sustainability + socially conscious practices. Every Agent Nateur formulation is abundant in natural vitamins, minerals, oils, and plant extracts.  Any my God, the products smell insanely good.

David Mallett

Standing out for its highest quality, technical innovation and excellence, this gorgeous assortment of products are easy to understand and use. Performant formulas, which have been extensively tested, debated and improved by experts. Formulas contain highly-concentrated key ingredients and light-weight textures. No unnecessary chemicals added where there is no need. Products made entirely in France.

Mason Pearson

Mason Pearson hairbrushes are instantly recognizable around the world and they have always been made at their home in London, England. Rooted in traditional values including loyalty, luxury and efficacy, they have always been committed to building hairbrushes that really last – ‘sustainability’ has always been the mantra of Mason Pearson.

Royal Fern

Hair Growth Supplement that is hair growth-promoting + made with root strengthening substances in a carefully regulated dosages. Developed by Royal Fern + a board certified pharmacist, these supplement capsules provide the ideal complement to the Royal Fern Hair Serum + Royal Fern Shampoo in helping to prevent hair loss.

Shop all hair products here and don't be shy about reaching out to chat about hair health.