Fresh, natural skin is having a major moment in the spotlight… a look that so many mountain women have been embracing for years! From beauty icons like Gucci Westman to TikTok influencers, the latest beauty obsession has us excited to share our favorite steps for achieving the “Clean Girl Beauty” look as it celebrates your face. Not hers. Or hers. Yours.

All about highlighting your natural features and refining the skin, clean girl makeup focuses on using limited products to create an effortless glow. A fresh face is always going to be a classic option. People are going crazy over the clean girl beauty trend, and even better, it's easy to do. 

This trend has actually been the mountain girl go-to as it's the fresh, minimal makeup look. Carly Christopher and Lily Iguchi are two local standouts for this look. It's all about a product-less brow and glowing skin. The key is to highlight all of your natural features and let your skin breathe. Here is your new go-to routine:

Skin prep is key

Replenish, restore, and reinvigorate your skin – clean beauty is, after all, about flaunting clean skin! To prep for this look, a regular skincare routine is crucial. Morning + night I cleanse, tone, apply serum, moisturize and end with a few drops of face oil to seal it in. Don’t skip the last step, especially in our dry climate. My go to face oils are Irene Forte’s Rose Face OilMonastery Botanical Oil Serum.

SPF, always

Using SPF daily is the most important step to any beauty routine – no question! A good SPF ensures your skin stays protected and hydrated all day. Try Larkly’s SPF 30 Mineral Powder for face, neck + décolletage and Soleil Toujours Eye Glow + Illuminator SPF 15.

Perfect the base

This clean look is all about letting your natural skin shine through so you need the perfect base. Begin by prepping your face with Amly’s City Screen Day Serum which hydrates the skin + gives it a healthy sheen. Packed with bioactive Echinacea it strengthens skins resilience to environmental + blue light pollutants.

Flushed cheeks

Blush is essential to achieving a healthy radiance with makeup, leaving your complexion looking refreshed and slightly sun-kissed. Cream products will be your best friend for this look, and I love Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks in Poppet for brightening and adding flush to the cheeks. Be sure to blend angling slightly upward toward the temples for a soft contour.

Creamy contour

It’s time to define those cheekbones! Using a cream product for this step is perfect for imitating the skin’s texture – super important when trying to achieve natural angularity and depth underneath the cheekbones. Swipe little across your eyelids for a subtle bronze finish. I love Westman Atelier’s Face Trace Contour Stick because it blends like a dream and you can’t mess it up. Unless you cover your entire face with a grid pattern and then, well, we should talk.

For your pucker
Keep the glow glowing by adding in a quick swipe of gloss to your pucker. For this look, you can’t go past the Westman Atelier Squeaky Lip Balm in Nana. The perfect nude and I called my Grandmother, Nana, so, the obvious choice. For a natural plush, Macrene Actives High Performance Lip Filler gives a boost of hydration with hyaluronic acid and organic plant oils.

Don't go without a scent
No beauty look is complete without a fragrance, and to top off this clean makeup look, I spritz Une Nuit Nomad’s Murmure des Dieux every morning or Photogenics Pavot in the evening.

Have questions about achieving this look? Stop into the store or make an appointment with me to chat more.