Jenny Patinkin

Pure Luxury Skin Smoothing Trio

Perfect your skin while protecting the planet!


Dermaplaning is a safe + effective way to exfoliate dead skin cells, remove peach fuzz + enhance product performance.

Made with a stainless steel safety blade + surplus wheat straw bioplastic, this tool is the kinder, gentler (and much more eco-friendly) cousin of a razor.  It is also recyclable.

Dermaplaning gives the complexion a brighter + more radiant appearance by lightly scraping away old cells and peach fuzz that can make skin look dull. Skincare can come in more direct contact with the skin for improved absorption, and makeup will apply more smoothly.

Dermaplaning peach fuzz from the face will NOT cause it to grow back thicker or darker.

Set of 3

Only 3 pieces in stock!

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