Hello, I'm Jen.

I'm a mildly self-possessed, former dancer and current beauty junkie with a buying background at Neiman Marcus and colorful career as an interior designer. I’ve always loved skin care and the beauty + wellness industries.

I created beauty mark because of my desire to give my community access to great skin care. It is a gorgeous jewel box filled with options no matter what journey your skin is on.

My Aging Journey 

I’ve spent entire paychecks on skincare from Neimans. I’ve sun-tanned, sun-burned and received blisters from tanning over those burns. I’ve popped pimples, painstakingly covered the after-math + failed to learn my lesson. I’ve tried Botox + fillers. I’ve experienced IPLs, micro-dermabrasion, + derma-planing. I’ve attended a Goop In-Health event to try to get closer to wellness enlightenment. I’ve examined my wrinkles, lip lines, jowls. I’ve pulled back my neck and reached for a phantom zipper. I’ve cut dairy, sugar, alcohol + processed foods for months. Wait, years. I’m disciplined enough to have warm lemon water on girls' nights. Amazingly, I still have these friends. 

Some good choices. Some cringey. But through it all, I’ve figured out what feeds my complexion and what lengths I’m willing to go in the spirit of aging gracefully. While I’ve navigated my skincare journey with moments of despair, I’ve mostly come out of it unscathed and educated on what it means to have gorgeous skin. And since the journey is different for everyone, I created Beauty Mark to be your neighborhood place to explore the most beautiful skincare and cosmetic lines in the world. I find so much joy in this industry and want to share what I know with you.

Jackson Hole Location

Located inside Habits JH
35 W. Deloney Avenue
Jackson, Wyoming 83001

Shop Hours
TUES - SAT 11-5
Closed Sunday


Beauty Mark opens inside Habits
Jackson Hole News & Guide - May 12, 2021