Acid Glow Rapid Retexture Peel


A creamy, electric raspberry jelly with a multi weight hyaluronic acid dose for deep hydration + an instant flush.  Clinical-strength but safe for at home beauty rituals.

The brilliant multi-acid formula reveals your most gorgeous glow in 5 minutes or less.  The treatment's distinct creamy-jelly texture offers granular polishing power from lotus + bamboo leaves.  It's advanced resurfacing action removes dead skin to reveal a new, fresh, bouncy glow beneath. 

Exotic botanicals of prickly pear, maracuja, aloe + moringa provide the nutrient-rich moisture surge your skin is thirsting for.  Niacinamide offers unparalleled brightening benefits.  Magical malachite extract wards off negative energies while delivering a concentrated dose of antioxidant protection.


50 ml

Only 3 pieces in stock!

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