African Botanics

Fleurs D'Afrique Intensive Recovery Cream


Discover a new realm of science-based skincare recovery designed to resist internal + external stressors.  The Intensive Recovery Cream features biomimetic Ceramides that help restore the skin's density + bounce, while profoundly improving texture + luminosity.  Detox System Ferment boosts detoxification and longevity at the cellular level, resulting in overall complexion radiance.

A firming Anti-Aging Matrix stimulates collagen + empowers skin to regain firmness and tone.  The result:  Fewer signs of visible aging + redefined facial contours.

Additional cutting edge ingredients include Blue Marine Micro Algae + a high concentration of plant peptides which encourage cell renewal.  Distinct African Oil Complex ensures immediate delivery of youth preserving essential fatty acid matrix + moisturizing botanicals fade + fight hormonal imbalances, fine lines, dark spots, sagging, inflammation and dryness.


50 ml / 1.7 oz

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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