La Fervance

Gommage Extraordinaire


 Designed as the perfect match to the iconic, award winning Éclat Extraordinaire multi-ritual beauty balm. Crafted with France’s most accomplished cosmetic scientists, dermatologists + artisan partners to create a 100% original composition, presented in hand-crafted, 100% recyclable packaging and complimented by custom made fragrances created exclusively for LA FERVANCE in the perfume mecca of Grasse.

The Gommage Extraordinaire is made with a sugar ester emulsion that progressively changes into an oil during the massage, releasing its natural exfoliating agents + giving off a slight heated sensation. In addition, the formula becomes milky with water during the rinsing.

Its exfoliating action is natural thanks to the macadamia seeds powder in combination with natural sand + organic sugar. It effectively eliminates impurities and irregularities caused by dead cells on the surface of the epidermis. The skin is soft, smooth + truly enhanced. It also nourishes, moisturizes and accelerates skin desquamation + fades away uneven skin pigmentation.

100% natural origins and 100% made in France.




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