Sparkling Bath Salts + Refill


 SPARKLING BATH SALTS turn time in the tub from basic to blissful. This premium bath additive contains dead sea salts + epsom salts that have a detoxing effect, while soothing coconut milk powder, oat protein and kaolin clay soften + nurture the skin. Eucalyptus, juniper and lavender oils promote relaxation, improve sleep and have mood-boosting aromatherapeutic benefits.

SPARKLING BATH SALTS come packaged in a 10oz custom crafted glass carafe wrapped with handwoven seagrass. The inside of the lid serves as a measuring cup for the salts.

The ZERO WASTE REFILL POUCH is home compostable and is the answer to single use plastic bath salt bags. Austria's OK HOME certification (printed on the bottom of each pouch) is guaranteed to be completely biodegradable, even in your garden compost heap. The ZERO WASTE REFILL pouch contains 10oz of salts. 



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